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Please be advised that when we receive the new yard waste container that there are invasive species that are not accepted at the compost station:

Scotch Broom


Yellow archangel (lamiastrum galeobdolon)

Purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)

Yellow iris (Iris pseudacorus)

Knotweeds: Japanese, Bohemian, giant and Himalayan (Polygonum cuspidatum, P.x bohemicum, P. sachalinense, P. polystachyum

English Ivy (Hedera helix “Baltica,” Hedera helix “Pittsburgh,” and Hedera helix “Star,” and Hedera hibernica “Hibernica”)

Poison hemlock (Conium maculatum)

Tansy ragwort (Senecia jacobaea)

Giant hogweed (Heracleaum mantegazzianum)

Houndstongue (Cynoglossum officinale)

Spurge laurel (Daphne laureola)

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