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Sand and Sand Bags Available

There are sand bags available in front of Town Hall and sand is located at the Truck Shop (corner of 1st St. and Evergreen Ln) Shovels are not provided. Please remember there is a limited supply and we will replenish as we can. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Pe Ell Town Hall (360)291-3543.

As we get information available through this storm event, we will update this notice with more information.


Rivers Rising – DEM Sandbag Station is Open

The National Weather Service weather forecast calls for the possibility of local flooding beginning late tonight or early tomorrow.

“With the increased rainfall, the Lewis County Emergency Management Self-service Sandbag Station is open” states Emergency Management Deputy Director Andy Caldwell. “The Sandbag Station will continue to be open Monday through Friday (8:00-5:00) as long as rivers are on the rise.”

Shovels and materials on how to fill sandbags and properly stack them is available at the location. The Self-service Sandbag Station is located on the corner of Main Street and Cascade Avenue (Law & Justice Center parking lot, SE Corner).

The City of Centralia also has sandbagging available at the parking lot on the corner of Maple and Pearl.

If sever weather conditions persist and other rivers exceed their banks, additional sandbag locations throughout the county may be opened.

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