Town of Pe Ell

111 S. Main St.

P.O. Box 215

Pe Ell, WA 98572

Contact Information


Town Hall/Clerk: (360)291-3543

Marshal's Office: (360)291-2018

Mayor's Cell: (360)324-2132





All Town Meetings are being held remotely until further notice. Please see the Town Council Tab for Meeting Information. If you have any questions please call Town Hall at


The Town of Pe Ell, Washington was officially incorporated on March 9, 1906.

There have long been several versions of how Pe Ell was named, none of which can be authenticated.

The more accepted version is that the name comes from the attempts of the local Native Americans to pronounce the first name of an early French-Canadian settler, Pierre Charles, who was an ex-Hudson's Bay employee. This version has it that the Native Americans could not pronounce Pierre, and their attempts turned it into Pe Ell.

Another version is that P and L were the first initials for Pierre Charles and his Native American wife. Two words were made from the initials: "Pe Ell".